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      If you are new to our whiskies, or its been a while, there are a few important points worth knowing about our unique labels to fully understand and appreciate what's inside each bottle.

      1. NAME: Each bottling is given a descriptive name based on its essential flavours and characteristics.
      2. TASTING NOTE: A unique tasting note offers a description of the flavours in store when you delve into the magical malt.
      3. CODE: Each bottle carries a bottling code- the first number represents the distillery the whisky is from, the second represents the number of casks that have been bottled from that distillery by The Society. So this bottle shown is the 86th cask bottled from distillery number 46.
      4. FLAVOUR PROFILE: Every bottle is colour coded according to the Society’s unique 12 flavour profiles, to help whisky lovers navigate the hundreds of bottlings we release each year.
      5. OUTTURN: SMWS whiskies are bottled from a single cask and the outturn indicates how many bottles the cask produced.
      6. AGE: Our bottlings clearly show the whisky’s age, unless it is one of our occasional no age statement (NAS) releases.
      7. DISTILLED: The precise date this precious one-of-a-kind liquid was created.
      8. CASK: The previous contents of a cask, and the number of times it was used, can tell you a lot about what the whisky will taste like. Society bottles carry the cask type on every bottle.
      9. REGION: Another useful signpost is this indication of the whisky’s origin, without specific reference to its distillery.
      10. STRENGTH: The Society’s cask strength whiskies are undiluted for your drinking pleasure, and are sure to pack more of a punch than your average single malt.
      SMWS Label Breakdown